1 = climate, weather.
Ex. These figures are based on UK climate where the winter external temperature is about -1ºC (degree centigrade).
Ex. Data Resources Inc., again US-based, covers data bases in economics, finance, energy and weather.
* clima árido = arid climate.
* clima boreal = boreal climate.
* clima de invierno = winter weather.
* clima desértico = desert climate.
* clima de verano = summer weather.
* clima estival = summer weather.
* clima invernal = winter weather.
* clima subártico = subarctic climate.
* clima tropical = tropical climate.
* degradación del clima = climate deterioration.
* microclima = micro-climate [microclimate].
* paleoclima = palaeoclimate [paleoclimate, -USA].
* rigores del clima = rigours of the climate.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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